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Why Choose Yoga&Me?


Managing your yoga studio has never been so simple with the Yoga&Me booking system.

More Time Saving

Your time is precious, Yoga&Me allows you to save hours every week for yourself, your staff and customers.

Cost Saving!

Yoga&Me is customised to your needs and offers the most cost-efficient solution for yoga studios.


How much does it cost?


Learn more about what makes Yoga&Me special

Adapt the platform to your needs

Customize and adapt the platform to make it feel like home for your internal team and customers.

Each yoga studio is unique and has different requirements when it comes to the look and feel of their platform. Yoga&Me gives you the opportunity to easily customise your page to fit your requirements, set up special packages or membership, include additional tabs, create your very own URL…Our team is here to support you at any stage and will help you with any customisation needs you might have.

Our Key Features:

  • Customised URL
  • Design customisation (background image, look-and-feel)
  • Inclusion of tabs and features (studio presentation, teachers, yoga types…)
  • Easy set up of special packages and discount prices

Simplify your management tasks

We have your daily management tasks looked after and simplified through our advanced tools

Managing your yoga studio should not take you more than à few hours à week. Whether you need to set up your classes schedule, manage your bookings, look for an information, update your prices or special offers, keep track of your bookings, new registrations and teachers or assess how your studio is doing with advanced statistics and graphs, start using Yoga&Me and stop losing time. Our management tools are made to simplify your day-to-day tasks and help you get your business in line.

Our Key Features:

  • Statistcs and graphs
  • Activity feed (to keep track of all internal and external activity)
  • Classes Schedule
  • Online and direct bookings

Quick, easy and painfree

Stop stressing over managing your online scheduling and reservation system, we have your back and will guide you through the process.

Not all of us have digital skills and what seemed to be a good idea at first, could easily become à nightmare if you do not get the right information and the help you need. This is why we have created à bunch of tools to help you set up and customize your online scheduling and reservation system in à couple clicks. If this does not do the trick, we will happily organise training sessions for your teams and will support you through every step of the process. You just need to ask!

Our Key Features:

  • Set up check list
  • Product user guide
  • Personal team training program

Security first

Our safety specialists will ensure all your transactions are safe and no one, apart from you, accesses your customers data. It is yours and yours only.

When it comes to payment and data, we know you need to feel safe. There are thousands of financial services providers on the market and it is hard to navigate and assess which ones are both trustworthy and affordable for small businesses. To ensure all booking transactions are safe, we team up with our trusty partner Stripe, a fully compliant payment processor, which also secures your clients' information.
We also focus on securing your data against cyber attacks and will not share it with any external business. It is yours and yours only.

Our Key Features:

  • Data safety through our advanced security program and our team’s software skills
  • Secured Payment through our platform

La plateforme la plus économique et rentable du marché

Le moment de payer est toujours stressant. On vous explique comment Yoga&Me s’occupe de tout

Le système de paiement de Yoga&Me se résume en deux points:

1 - Frais prélevés par Yoga&Me: Sur chaque réservation en ligne, nous prenons 0,10€ pour les premiers 1000 réservations du mois. Après ce plafond de 100€ , vous ne paierez plus rien.

2-Frais prélevés par Stripe*, notre intermédiaire financier: 1,4% + 0,25€

*Stripe est actuellement l’intermédiaire bancaire qui charge le moins de frais sur les transactions et nous permet de garantir une politique « zero frais cachés » qui est au coeur de notre vision.

Stripe prend les paiements de vos clients en ligne, met de côté automatiquement les 0,10 ctc qui sont versés à Yoga&Me et vous reverse le reste. Pas de facture incompréhensibles à la fin du mois, pas d’intermédiaires multiples et pas de frais qui s’envolent.

Nos fonctionnalités les plus demandées:

  • Pas d'abonnement mensuel
  • Pas de facturation à la fin du mois, Stripe s’occupe de prendre les paiements et reverse directement à Yoga&Me les 0,10cts de frais.
  • Prix par mois plafonné
  • Aucun frais cachés
  • Paiements par Stripe (actuellement le meilleur partenaire financier pour gérer une activité sur internet et protéger vos données et les informations de vos clients.)


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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I start?

Once your booking system has been set-up by our experts, you can start receiving online bookings immediately. Setting up only takes a few minutes.

Are there any additional fees?

Yoga&Me does not have any additional fees on top of your £0.10 per booking (free after 750 bookings). unlike other booking sites on the market, we have taken into consideration the need of absolute transparency when it comes to pricing and fees. We can proudly claim that Yoga&Me has no hidden fees.

Do I have a contract?

Yoga&Me's goal is to offer a simple and fair approach to online bookings, there is no monthly fee and you are free to stop using Yoga&Me whenever you want.

How is Yoga&Me the right fit for my business?

Yoga&Me was created hands-in-hands with small yoga studio owners and yoga teachers. Together we have identified the difficulties, barriers and needs that come with managing a studio. In order to be cost efficient and offer you the most economical product on the market, we have customised each feature to adapt to your needs and only those needs. No more complicated and costly features that you will never use.

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